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The Greener Clean Team card is exclusive to our clients and gives you access to a personalized, more comfortable service. This card also gives you other advantages, relying on already established partners in several areas like  travelling, gyms, culture, health and other useful services.

Ask now for your Greener Clean Team client card and start enjoying it’s benefits!

The card is free-of-charge, gives you direct discounts and allows you to accumulatepoints which are worth euros – 1 point for each 10€ purchase in the ExoticGreen group.We will send you the latest news on our products and services.

The card holders will have special conditions when renovating their subscribed services.

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    How it Works

    The Greener Clean Team card is a client identifier, giving she/he the right to enjoy all the advantages in the loyalty programme. The Greener Clean Team card is enabled when buying any service/product in theExoticGreen or Evolutive Solutions group, allowing the client to accumulate points and spend them for immediate discounts with the Greener Clean Team partners.


    Greener Clean Team holds the right to decide which discounts are associated with the fidelity programme and set its rules.Greener clean Team holds the right to cancel, change or replace the programme, informing its clients in advance.The points are acumulated in the card, whenever a purchase is made.The discounts in the Greener Clean Team card are enabled whenever presented on the billing act of its fidelity programme partners.Points can be spent partially or totally when purchasing services or exchanged online through our website.The points can not be converted to cash. 50 Points are offered when subscribing. The use or damage in the card are it’s carriers responsibility, Greener Clean Team does not take responsibility in case of loss or theft.Greener Clean Team holds the right to cancel its cards in case of fraud, improper use or commercial use.


    To guarantee it’s proper operation, Greener Clean Team may handle purchase data.Greener Clean Team may send information regarding the fidelity programme to its client’s house, as well as offers and advantages. Membership and Data Confidentiality Agreement. Greener Clean Team guarantees total privacy of it’s costumers client data. The data is handled digitally, it’s only purpose is the card promotional management.

    At any time the card holder may consult, change or delete it’s data.