By applying the concept of “team cleaning”, Greener Clean Team teams are able to achieve above-average productivity due to our trained staff who focus on their goals.

Our training and work plan are made through specific programs, ensuring total accuracy and optimization of resources. Our goals are defined and achieved completely, aiming not only at greater efficiency, but also at minimizing customer discomfort.


By unifying these concepts with the latest cleaning techniques and technologies on the market and also benefiting from constant technical supervision, the Greener Clean Team offers positive results for all who request our services.


In a building, we invest a lot of money and time. Would you risk damaging it while trying to clean it after the completion of the building process? Of course not!


Having large amounts of debris and rubble, a construction site needs to be cleaned following specific guidelines and techniques in order not to damage the investor’s equity, an investor who does not want and can not have any loss at this late stage of its construction. investment.

For this reason, the Greener Clean Team has its own experience in cleaning construction sites to ensure a comforting finishing touch with no surprises. We select the right products for each surface, we avoid the use of abrasives and corrosive chemicals and, in turn, we choose neutral and biodegradable products whenever possible.


For every type of cleaning, there is always a solution.