Despite it’s many competitors, Greener Clean Team sets itself apart
through innovation and quality service. Greener Clean Team takes pride in a cleaning service which always targets it’s clients needs and priorities, relying on it’s qualified and experienced workers with verified references.


The client always has the same collaborator/team at his disposal which allows for a trust relationship with the collaborators and the company itself, with daily supervision of the services provided. We offer a service that is tailor-made to the costumer’s needs and drives on excellence.


Beyond the excellent service, we believe in a better future for our planet, donating a part of our volume profit to charity organizations like and WeForest. These organizations help to deliver water supply and tree plantations in underdevelopment countries, improving it’s population comfort and quality of life.


Greener Clean Team seeks national territory coverage, therefore looking for franchises all over the country.


We’re not only selling our services, we aim for quality, focusing on our proximity with the client. This makes determined people with a strong character the key to our success and our business. Greener Clean Team looks for candidates who are determined, hard-working, motivated and passionate about providing the client with a good service.

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We present your with a franchising opportunity which will give you great freedom and potential. With a small investment you can take control over your life. We will work with you and will show you everything you need to know, from hiring personal to expanding your clients.


Our franchisees don’t clean houses. We teach them how to recruit, train, motivate and manage it’s employees to do all the cleaning! With a small entry cost we offer you a successful team, technology and a proven business model that will help you get the maximum potential and growth.


Today’s busy families need help in their daily house cleaning, as a consequence domestic cleaning services have become one of the biggest growing sectors in the service industry.


In the current acting areas, Greener Clean Team already supports various clients, deploying teams of two professionals, each performing the task on three to five houses/offices per day, between monday and friday. The network development expects that every franchisee has good knowledge of the local market and is preferentially resident in it’s implementation area.


The growth of demand is also result of the growing care about the safety and trust assured by domestic and professional cleaning companies, especially when compared to conventional house maids.

Our Mission

Turn the brand Greener Clean Team in a symbol of respect, quality ethics, teamwork, effectiveness and continuous improvement.


Sensitizing our collaborators, clients and partners about climate impact and the small steps we can take to for the planet’s better future.


Elements of a Franchisee Unite

Green Clean Team’s franchisees get a license to run a cleaning business of Green Clean team in a protected territory.


Inicially the business can be run from home, eventually growing up to the point you’ll need a new office and to delegate administrative tasks.


With Greener Clean team you’ll be the business owner, but you’ll not be alone in that business.


We will provide operational training in methods and providing the services, and how to manage and develop your franchise.


Each franchisee has the right to a training programme.


Green Clean Team will take cary of everything, from sale support, dealing with offers and training, so you can focus all your energy in expanding your activity.


We will manage client billing monthly, manage client debt, helping you charing and preparing reports for every franchisee.


The support master and the sales department will guarantee you a great

Creating a Franchisee

Before awarding a franchise, Greener Clean Team uses market search elements to target a territory that translates into a good investment in terms of numbers, work and number of clients. With this secutiry, the process of installing the franchise can begin, and so does intensive training.


When the week of training is over, a publicity “drop-mail” will help you kick-off the business in the next week.


The Franchise “Pack”

The Franchise pack includes:


  • The correct use of the system and rights of Greener Clean Team.
  • An exclusive and protected territory.
  • Master Green Clean Team formation.
  • A publicity “Drop-Mail”.
  • Software – integrated Online – to meet the demands of operational activity.
  • Set of uniforms for your first cleaning team.
  • Intense support by a dedicated professional team.

The Franchisees of Greener Clean Team

An important asset of a franchisee is the ability to relate to costumers and employees, it is expect of a franchisee to be able to offer the high quality service clients expect, and that could mean the difference between standard performance or an high-standard one.

Being a franchisee…

If you believe you have the right profile, apply now!

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