How to use vinegar as a disinfectant

Most household cleaning products contain ingredients that are incredibly poisonous. When children or pets get into those cleaners normally kept underneath the sink or in the bathroom cabinet, they can cause serious poisoning and even death. Have a dog or cat who likes to lap out of the toilet? They could be ingesting chemicals that shorten their lifespan. Adults aren’t immune, either; due to accident or over-exposure, adults also experience lung and skin damage each year from exposure to the toxic chemicals that make up your average, everyday cleaning solutions.

Thankfully, there is a growing awareness amongst consumers that many cleaning products are hazardous for their family’s health, as well as for the environment. An easy alternative for your average hazardous disinfectant is regular old vinegar. As a disinfectant, vinegar is cheaper, safer, and better for the environment than most name-brand disinfectants. Here’s a look at why name-brand disinfectants are so harmful, and how you can use vinegar in their place.


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