Medical Offices




Cleaning the medical offices is normally done on every workday.


Our company’s objectives:


  • To eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, organic matter and other types of filth
  • To avoid the deterioration of equipments
  • To maintain adequate cleaning conditions


The elaboration of our cleaning plans for medical offices has several objectives:


  • To point out the importance of hygiene and disinfection as one of the main standards of quality and care
  • To create a methodology framework for our cleaning services


In order to execute any cleaning operations, there are rules which need to be respected, such as:



  1. All cleaning must be done with gloves and a special coat
  2. Cleaning must be done starting with the less dirty areas
  3. Cleaning must begin with the ceiling moving towards the lower areas and floors
  4. Efficient cleaning is done using the two bucket method
  5. All materials used for cleaning (buckets, cloths, etc.) must be thoroughly washed with water and detergent and placed in a proper spot for drying