Greener Clean Team is your cleaning solution for any situation. Our teams are specialised in industrial and domestic cleaning and also maintenance cleaning in companies, where hygiene is an extremely important factor for the good functioning of the company and for receiving customers or business partners.

Greener Clean Team is committed to providing a quality cleaning service, respecting the environment. We want to make a difference by ensuring your health, the health of your family and of your colleagues or employees.

We have a team of professionals formed of trained and experienced people

Our collaborators are chosen after a strict selection process, they go through the necessary steps of their training and are carefully monitored for each sector of their work, which aims for the optimization of their cleaning activities. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Our Vision

Greener Clean Team uses natural and biodegradable products, certified and carefully selected thinking about the environment (whenever the type of cleaning does not involve the use of abrasive products.

Our motto is a better future, a greener world and a cleaner water

Our Mission

Greener Clean Team is the first cleaning company who donates a part of the amount invoiced to help non-governmental organizations to plant trees and to dig water wells in developing countries as for other charitable campaigns.

We believe that small gestures today make a big difference tomorrow. Let us work for you , and together , we will build a better future.